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Welcome to the SCB Blogosphere

Welcome to Saunders College Blogs. Here you will find various blogs of our dean, Jacqueline Mozrall, and various faculty and staff of the E. Philip Saunders College of Business.

Recent Posts Across Our Blogroll:

How to calculate opportunity cost in Markstrat?
Student Blogs

Why do we want to calculate the cost per product? We want to know how much do we lost by not producing enough. This will help your report to be more clear and concise with numbers and data. This will not be helpful until you have a period that the inventory equal zero. Step 1: Choose two consecutive periods, in.. (Read More)

Prius Plug In Car - Costs
Tom Traub

The lease started in early June. Here are the numbers: MSRP $30,800 less discount of $7600. (Tax Credit $2500) Lease for 10K / yr @ $125. month (with $2850 total down). Gas costs $3.70/gal. Electricity cost $.10 /kWh. First 1000 miles: 7.5 gal of gas ($27.75) and $22 in electricity. Prius System says around 111 MPG for the 1000 miles. Lets say the system is.. (Read More)

Speaking in Spring
Dr. Vic Perotti

I apologize in advance if you see my headshot too many times this Spring! I will be participating in a number of speaking engagements and so to assist in everyone's planning (and I am including myself here), let us list what's coming... First, on April 23rd at noon I will join a panel.. (Read More)

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility
Nick Francesco

Today, Google announced its intention to buy Motorola Mobility. That's the division of Motorola that makes smartphones, tablets, DVRs, settop boxes, Bluetooth stuff, and a whole bunch of other products that connect people together. Which is right in Google's sweet spot. After all, Google makes the Android operating system (another company they bought), and Motorola makes devices on which Android runs. No-brainer, right? Patents, Patents, Patents Well,.. (Read More)