SAP University Alliance Portal

SAP has recently launched a new portal to link together the participants in the University Alliance. This portal provides access to educational resources including white papers, videos, consultant reports and case studies. As students at a university which is a member of the University Alliance you are eligible to register and use this portal
What does it offer you as a student?

  • The Student Union: the student union offers access to content identified as particularly relevant to students, including the learning resources described above.
  • Career Center: There is a worldwide shortage of people with skills and knowledge to use and manage SAP within organizations. A key resource for you through the portal is the Career Center, which currently provides access to career information. By the summer it will link you directly to career opportunities within SAP and within the approximately 9,000 organizations that they partner with world-wide.
  • Networking: Online career sites, such as are popular, but research indicates the key to a job search is networking. The University Alliance portal is integrated within the SAP Community Portal, which integrates the SAP Developer Network, the SAP Business Process Expert network and the SAP University Alliance into a single community. This community now has 1.6 M registered users. Available to you are networking tools, such as Blogs, Discussion Forums and links to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Many of you are looking for a job in a very tough economic climate. If you are an international student, you may have the challenge of how to network outside of the US. The portal gives you a perfect way to network within a community of 1.6 M people. Consider posting a blog about your experiences with ERPSim and asking for feedback about the types of jobs your knowledge from the game might open up for you. Or less explicitly, post a blog entry about your experiences with ERPSim and ask what additional skills are required for your targeted position.

Your background about SAP is a differentiator in a very tough job market. The portal will bring you into a community of individuals all of who are interested in this area. Explore and give it a try!

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