Why I Love My Co-Op: Week One

This past week I started my co-op at Monroe Community College, my alma mater. Of course, I was excited to be offered the opportunity to join the team that supported me throughout my first two years of college, and get to know everyone in the College and Community Relations Department a little better. 

Day one at any job is always nerve wracking; you want to make a good first (or second impression in my case), and of course be on time. Unfortunately, the latter of the two didn’t happen as planned. The first day of work my car decided that it didn’t feel like starting. I sat in my car turning the key while it made a fun little noise which to me sounded like it was saying, “good luck on your first day… see how you will get yourself out of this one.” 

Now, I pretty much know nothing about cars so I just sat there in frustration, because showing up late to work is not the best way to start a job. Luckily, after a quick brainstorm session with my car’s manual, about 20 minutes later and 10 tries of turning my key, my car decided to start. 

Finally, getting to work, panicked, because I was a few minutes late, I was greeted with breakfast, signs everywhere welcoming me to the team, (like the one below), and oh… my own desk (awesome)! 

Of course, I was also greeted by the team, which I was so excited to be working with. They either shook my hand or gave me a hug- which definitely made me a little less stressed about the car issue I had before I arrived.

Now that it was time to actually work, throughout the week I was challenged to analyze MCC’s current social media presence, and propose changes and improvements. For those of you who aren’t aware, I pretty much wake up with thoughts of social media- like a good nightmare I can’t get out my head. For me the work is perfect, because it is exactly what I want to be doing. I was given articles to read on the industry, conducted personal research, watched videos, and brain stormed ideas. This task obviously was very hands on, and I was allowed to test my knowledge of social media and internet marketing to see where I need more expertise or knowledge. 

Another reason why I love my co-op is because,

I am not only allowed to attend meetings, but I am encouraged to contribute my thoughts and opinions

Now, to some people sitting down strategizing and brainstorming social media strategies and tactics may sound lackluster, but it’s not, especially because I can listen to music while doing so. For those music lovers, or those who need music to function, you can understand where I come from when I say that I love that I can listen to music while I work. 

Music = > Productivity 

Overall evaluation of the week: Not only do I get to do exactly what I enjoy, but I am working with awesome people in a great working environment. I hope week two goes just as well, or even better.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Mario Reto December 18, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Great to hear! I’m on co-op as well and love it. Best of luck!

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