Random Assortment of Internet Gems

Today, my discussions of these links are pretty lackluster, I won’t lie. However, do not let that deter you from watching and reading all these internet gems.

Lord of the Rings Honest Trailer
The Hobbit comes out tomorrow! Yes, I am a giant Lord of the Rings fan. This honest movie trailer is hysterical. I watched it twice, and laughed aloud in the office (no one is around me luckily!). But seriously, very funny; if you are also a LOTR fan, I highly suggest you feast your eyes on this video.

10 Most Innovative Viral Video Ads of 2012
Check out these viral videos. Personally, my favorites are Chevy, P&G, and Nike. Oh yeah, the flying cat one for Folksam is pretty good too (we all know how much I love cat videos/pictures/anything else cat related). They take a pretty long time to watch, just a heads up (trust me, I watched them all). So, I might suggest that you just watch a few of them (hint, hint, the ones I suggest).
After looking at these, it is hard to figure out what makes people pass videos along. Inspiring people, catchy tunes, being silly? I think that is why viral advertising it so risky and so rewarding.

The Impossible Dream: Resurrecting Instant Photos Without Polaroid
So Polaroids were a huuge thing when I was growing up. I remember saving up my allowance for mowing the lawn to buy one. Yes, I wanted one that bad and it’s probably still somewhere hiding in my parents’ attic (mental note: go search for that thing). It was pretty upsetting when they stopped making their instant film. The Impossible Project is trying to revive the instant photography market, but with a twist. It uses your iphone and prints instant photos from it. I see a lot of indie kids buying one of these, also who doesn’t love that white border around their photos. So much nostalgia!

Grumpy Cat Wishes You a Very Gloomy GIFmas
It’s a mathematical fact that Cats + Christmas = Awesome.  So, how about some pictures of grumpy cat to put you in the Christmas spirit?


Internet Archaeologists Find Ruins of Friendster
This is a funny video from The Onion about the excavation of the deserted “Friendster Civilization”. It’s very funny, especially if you had a Friendster account. However, it does make you wonder if Facebook will go the way of Myspace and Friendster and eventually be deserted? Personally, I hope not for a little while at least because I have spent the last two years learning about social media marketing.

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