Technology, Social Media, and Cute Animals

Hello again everyone! I have spent the last week curating another random compilation of things that I find interesting. So, here are some random articles, pictures, and videos that fascinated me over the past week.

Shoppers Expected to Spend More Across More Channels During Holidays

So Black Friday is only about a month away, I know you can’t wait to be outside in line shivering either! Target recently released that it would tag its top 20 toys with QR codes, so that shoppers could easily buy the toy online if it were out of stock in the store or surprise a child that was shopping with them. This story suggests that Target’s strategy was a step in the right direction. Most users will be using devices while shopping in store to compare prices online. Holiday shopping trends are so interesting to watch because they exaggerate normal shopping trends so you can really see where the industry is going. So anyway, I digress; this is a pretty interesting article about how shoppers will be “Nonline” shopping this year.

Woof! Meow! 25 Animals Dressed Like Other Animals

Clearly, I am a sucker for cute animals and small things in costumes (children, animals, anything as long as it’s small and dressed up), in honor of Halloween, here are some extremely cute animals dressed in costumes like other animals. Guilty pleasure, sorry.

Vending Machine Makes You Dance for a Free Coke

Korea always has the coolest stuff! This is vending machine that has you replicate the dance moves of a boy band to get free Coke. It’s an interesting way to get a large group of people standing around a vending machine watching people do silly things for your product and makes people happy!

Pinterest Tops Facebook in Driving Ecommerce

This seems obvious to me, however is still worth pointing out. Facebook will never be any good for driving sales because that is not what the platform is used for (sorry Facebook investors). Look at the human behavior on the website. Pinterest is used to share things that people like and want to buy or make (inherently needing people to buy things). Facebook is used to for people to connect and share more intangible items, like awesome cat pictures or photos of their weddings, maybe even some really cool memes.

That is all for today, folks.


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