How to use LinkedIn to promote business?

Last post, I shared some tips to make an effective Facebook page. Do you have any questions?

If not, Let’s move on to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking. There are about 2.6 million companies that own LinkedIn company pages. 87% of users trust information from LinkedIn, according to Anum from Inbound Marketing 2013.

There are four different posting options on LinkedIn. They are status, link, photo and Video link.

Lets start with tip number 1: Use shorten link.

Just like Facebook users, LinkedIn users do not like anything that contain unattractive long link because they might think that it is spam and unimportant. Shorten the link through would definitely help.

 Tip number 2: Focus and rehearse one post

Continuously send traffic to one post so it gain more traffic.

Tip number 3: Share marketing offers.

LinkedIn is a professional business network. Therefore, it would be best to promote more marketing offers and show more what your company has to offer.

Tip number 4: Be in groups

According to power formula, 53% of LinkedIn users join 10 or more groups. People using group to gain more trust and connection.

Tip number 5: Use LinkedIn Announcements. 

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