Tips to create “a buzz” Facebook post.

Most of the knowledge from this blog are from Inbound Marketing 2013 conference. The original slide names:” Social domination: How to conquer ‘the big 3′ social media networks from Anum Hussain.

You can find her original slides by clicking on this link

My purpose for this blog is to share with you the most effective way to create a post on Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn that will bring lead to the company.

Let’s first start with Facebook:

There are six options that you could use on Facebook to spread ideas. They are status, link, photo, video, event and Check-in. In addition to that, there are possibly 1500 stories are shared daily on Facebook but people only filter 20% of them. How do we catch the attention of the right target customers?

Tip number 1: Remove the links from the post. This is because the link will make the post look confusing and ambiguous. The Information is not clear and people will tend to keep scrolling down and skipping your post.

Not Correct

Not Correct


 Tip number 2: Photos over links.

People love to see picture because it helps them to perceive information better. Therefore, when sharing news or information, it is best to share picture in your post and have information about it. If the link is too long, shorten it with






Tip number 3: Optimal Image upload size

The best image size is 403×403 px because it is bold and caught attention better.


Image credit: Anum Hussain (Inbound marketing 2013)

Tip number 4: Re-position timeline photo

Keep in mind how effective visual could be, If the picture is not center or fully shown. Readjust the position so that the whole picture fully shown.

cp1                                                             Image credit: Anum Hussain (Inbound marketing 2013)

Tip number 5: Highlight Horizontal Photos. 

With the picture that is long and can not fit into one post. The best practice is to highlight the post so the picture will show.



Tip number 6: Upload single picture rather than the whole album

Have you ever wondered why nobody likes the “sexiest” or “funniest” picture you had in you album? People like to think they are busier than the President and that they have no time to do anything. Even though they are on Facebook, there is big possibility that they will actually go through all the pictures you uploaded in your album unless they are really “into you”.

Therefore, in order to generate as much leads as possible, the best practice is to upload single picture at once to gain attention.

Tip number 7: Keep post copy succinct. 

The shorter the  post the more like and comment it has.

cp1                                                                 Image credit: Anum Hussain (Inbound marketing 2013)

Those are all the tips that I learned from the conference to make a Facebook post more interactive. Tell me if you want to know more about anything?

>>>>>to be continued with LinkedIn and Twitter.




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