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Happy Friday everyone! I haven’t blogged in a while, so I spent some time perusing the internet today for some interesting stories to share with you. Today, the articles that sparked my interest were mostly technology related (Who would have guessed? That’s right, I go to RIT).

3D-Printed Clothing Hits Paris Fashion Week

So I’ll start off with something I thought was very interesting: fashion that is being printed with a 3-D printer. These are wearable fashions (maybe for the more adventurous fashionistas) and don’t look like they’re made out of plastic. First thought, ‘Awesome, does this mean some day we can design our own clothes!?!’. Second thought, ‘What does this mean for shows like project runway? No more drama about having a garment made in time for the runway show’. Anyway, back to seriously discussing this article. 3-D printing has advanced by leaps and bounds. I am waiting for the day that we can all print clothes offline and we don’t have to wait to have them shipped to us. That will be so sweet!

50 Things Replaced by Modern Technology

After thinking about what 3-D printers would mean for the fashion industry, this article reminded me of many other technologies that had been phased out due to advancements. Every one of these phase outs happened in my lifetime. I still remember using *69 to figure out the phone number of the person who called me last (yes, my parents never had Caller ID).

10 Dogs That Are Better at Winter Than You

It’s been cold all week, frigid to be more specific, single digits cold! I almost cried walking to my car my hands were so cold, literally. The cold makes me kind of cranky, so to cheer both you and me up, I close with some dogs that deal with snow much better than I do! They are also adorable.

Enjoy your weekend! I know that I will.

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