Do You Know Jack?

Hello once again, everyone! It seems that I blog during the times that I should be busiest, but yesterday, I knocked out two of my four finals, so I’ve got a little bit of time to spare. Before I get too much further with this post, I want to pose the following question: Do you know Jack?

No, I’m not insulting your intelligence. And no, I’m not really asking you if you know someone who goes by the name Jack. I bet you are pretty confused, so I’ll explain. In one of my classes this quarter, Launching the Publication, we created an online publication called “Property of Jack.” For about six weeks, we wrote and published content daily, marketed the publication, and even sold advertising to a few companies in the Rochester area. As an Advertising Sales Representative, I helped secure advertising for the site, which was a rewarding experience (that is, once we finally got a few ads). I even wrote two articles for the site. One was about keys to successful networking, and the other was based on the 2013 NBA All-Star Game.

A preview of my article about networking.

Throughout the course, I realized how much launching a publication is like launching a business. (Well, it is launching a business.) We had to identify a target market, decide on whether or not the publication would be subscription-based or free, purchase the URL (the Department of Communication helped out with that), and take into account other considerations that you would if you were starting up a business. We also had to define how our product (in this case, content) would be different from all of the other general-interest publications out there.

Sounds like a fun course, right? Unfortunately, the course is only offered every two years, since it is a special topic. However, there is good news! We have decided to keep the publication going, at least for Spring Quarter, and are looking for people who are interested in helping us sustain the project. If you would be interested in writing content, selling advertising, marketing the publication, or getting involved in any other way, let me know! This would serve as a great resume builder, but also as a fun way of putting into practice some of the concepts you’ve been learning in the classroom. All majors are welcome.

Best of luck to all of you who are taking finals, and I hope that you have a great break!

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