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Vic Perotti
I apologize in advance if you see my headshot too many times this Spring! I will be participating in a number of speaking engagements and so to assist in everyone’s planning (and I am including myself here), let us list what’s coming…

First, on April 23rd at noon I will join a panel as part of the exciting meRIT webinar series for alumni. My panel with the esteemed Dr. Neil Hair and Mr. Marty Lawlor will discuss the use of a set of online collaboration tools. See our webinar here: Virtual Collaboration Tools

Second on Friday April 25th 4:00pm, I will join a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Panel in Saunders College room #1135 as part of Professor Paul Gebel’s course. The panel will include:

  • Tamra O’Donnel-Senior VP and Director, Corporate Marketing, Canandaigua National Bank
  • T.C. Pellett, PR Manager, Brand Cool
  • Todd Butler, President, Ad Council of Rochester

On May 3rd, During RIT’s Imagine Festival, Mike Johansson and I will be presenting in RIT’s 1829 room:  Yougle – You Are What Google Says You Are

Finally (and excitingly), my long-time collaborator Andrea Hickerson and I will be the featured speakers at this year’s Stan McKenzie Salon Series.

On May 7th from 4:00-6:00pm, hear our conversation entitled Are Disciplines too specialized?


It is great to be at a University where so many thoughtful conversations occur. Join us for some of them?



Today our supporters at the Knight Foundation announced a grant to create RIT’s Digital Journalism Incubator (#RITDJI): a new model for interdisciplinary education at the intersection of Journalism, Entrepreneurship and Computing. My colleague and long-time collaborator Andrea Hickerson and I are very pleased to lead this effort and to teach the courses that serve as an essential element in this initiative.

Why should a Business Prof (and Business people in general) get involved with Digital Journalism? I wonder if people wonder about that. For me, the connections and opportunities seem straightforward…

First and foremost, it is a fascinating, intellectually challenging, and potentially profitable space. Journalism, like much in modern society, is being transformed by information technology.  It is clear that our modes of consumption have changed, with traditional print readership generally down. It is also the case, however, that our patterns and goals for consuming the products of journalism have changed. We may be guided by notifications for our smartphone Apps, we may interact with graphics at election time. We may retweet a link to a favorite story, thereby asserting its importance (and maybe our own) in the process.

Secondly, RIT’s Saunders College of Business (a B-school immersed in a Technology University) is a great place to study the challenges and opportunities poised by these new innovations. From our 14th-ranked Management Information Systems program to our Digital Entrepreneurship initiative, Saunders stakeholders are actively exploring the ways in which all organizations can succeed in today’s tech-enfused environment.

Exploration is the key word at this moment in time. Rapid changes mean that experimentation and exploration should be key activities in any industry challenged to deal with technology. As Jeff Bezos recently wrote on the occasion of his purchase of the Washington Post…

“We will need to invent, which means we will need to experiment. Our touchstone will be readers, understanding what they care about – government, local leaders, restaurant openings, scout troops, businesses, charities, governors, sports – and working backwards from there. I’m excited and optimistic about the opportunity for invention.”

RIT’s Digital Journalism Incubator will be an experiment in every sense of the word. Its content, pedagogy, practice and structure will explore alternative models for interdisciplinary education and the future of journalism startups. I can’t wait!


Follow our blog( , our Twitter hashtag (#RITDJI) or or individual accounts (@aehickerson, @vicperotti) as we plan for this exciting journey.

MIS is ranked among the 10 best majors for your career-what are you waiting for?

Students, you need to know about the Management Information Systems (MIS) major! We have amazing students led by our MIST student group; We have exceptional new faculty;

Most of all…we achieve GREAT results for our students in terms of co-op and career. Employers know about RIT’s MIS program and they want this unique combination of Business and Technology expertise. Here is the latest in a long list of articles touting our major…

Top-Paid Majors for the Class of 2011

Spotlight for Career Services Professionals, April 14, 2011
Spotlight for Recruiting and Employment Professionals, April 14, 2011

Among the college Class of 2011, engineering dominates the list of top-paid majors, according to NACE’s Spring 2011 Salary Survey.

Survey results indicate that engineering majors account for seven of the top 10 spots on the list. In fact, the only non-engineering major among the top-five highest-paid is computer science ($63,017), which is second on the list. (See Figure 1.)

That four of the top five top-paid majors are engineering and all received average starting salary offers in excess of $60,000 strongly indicates the continued high demand for these graduates. Furthermore, the entire top-10 list underscores the interest employers have in hiring technical majors.

Figure 1: Top-Paid Majors for 2010-11 Bachelor’s Degree Graduates*

Curriculum Average
Salary Offer
Chemical engineering $66,886
Computer science $63,017
Mechanical engineering $60,739
Electrical/electronics & communications engineering $60,646
Computer engineering $60,112
Industrial/manufacturing engineering $58,549
Systems engineering $57,497
Engineering technolgy $57,176
Information sciences & systems $56,868
Business systems networking/telecommunications $56,808
*Where 10 or more offers were reported

Source: NACE Spring 2011 Salary Survey. Data represent job functions for which the most data were reported; all data are for bachelor’s degree candidates.

I am VERY excited to reveal what has become a well-kept secret on RIT’s campus this Winter: Rise Above the Crowd is an interactive crowd experiment in live event journalism and community engagement that will take place during the Imagine RIT Innovation Festival on May 7th, 2011.

What is it? Rise Above the Crowd takes the digital conversations that a crowd of 25,000 people are having during an event and makes then visible on large screens and votable by cell phone throughout the campus. Your participation is rewarded with prizes based on the amount of your activity as well as the popularity and quality of your contributions. You can send text messages, tweets, and especially photos to the community and they will immediately be visible all over the campus.  As the crowd votes up your contributions they will rise on our boards, giving you a greater and greater chance to win great prizes like iPads, web-enabled cameras and much more.

The system design has been a truly interdisciplinary effort with students and faculty from all over campus contributing.  Journalism Prof Andrea Hickerson and I are the principal investigators and points of contact. Much, much more information is about to launch, but if you really want to know, I would be more than happy to tell you!


I get this a lot. It is a good question, and one with an evolving answer. The system that we have in place to address this is copyright, and the law is pretty clear on this matter. But, practice online has not always favored the copyright system. Hence, we get great solutions like Creative Commons.

Listen to the expert describe the answer in this interview from NPR!

Then read about the aftermath!

It would appear from the article that MIS students are QUITE happy with their careers…

An excerpt:
Undergraduate psychology majors who don’t go to graduate school tend to move to an unrelated field within a year, said St. Louis-based career counselor Sue Ekberg, a former director of career services for Webster University.

In contrast, about 54% of chemical engineering and management information systems majors were satisfied or very satisfied, according to the survey, making them the happiest with their careers.

Wordle: Course feedback

Facebook’s ever-widening circle of friends | Metromix Rochester.

Welcome back! Did you ever want to start your own web business? If so, you are not at all alone. This quarter, 25 RIT students managed to get into the now-full 2nd offering of the Building A Web Business course. And more are still trying.

RIT’s Digital Business Group created this course especially because of this demand. We believe that this is a core skill going forward, whether you are going to work for a company or not! We have some evidence that it is succeeding, because last Fall, we launched 22 new businesses!

If you can’t take the course, but wish to know more, I invite you to check out our open social network, DigEnt, at It is one of the web’s best resources on Digital Entrepreneurship and it is free. In this network, faculty, students, entrepreneurs and many other professionals from around the world share their thinking on this fascinating subject matter.